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Rajapalayam Dog

General Appearance :
A typical boar hound occasionally used for hunting the hare also. Build, heavy without encumbrance. More like a small Great Dane than like a greyhound. Great depth of chest, but not roach-backed. Height 24 to 26 inches for dogs and weight over 55 pounds. Bitches, 2 to 4 inches shorter and having weight 40 to 45 pounds.

Colour : Ivory white, may be light wheaten along the back, skin pink, sometimes with light brown spots, but on no account are the hairs colored. Short and close, silky soft on the head, but harder coarser on the body.

Head : Domed, carried high. There might be a certain amount of wrinkling on the skin of the head and throat but no pronounced dewlap. The skin is loose all over the body.

Nose : Pink generally, but may be brown or flesh coloured, but never black or even dark.

Eyes : Dark, usually deep-brown

Ears : Pendent, the leather being exquisitely soft, but not too large.

Jaws : Long and fine but powerful, good strong canines and incisors with scissor bite. Teeth not too large or coarse.

Mouth : Usually pink, often with black edging or mottling.

Tail : Whip-like with a noticeable thinning after about one third its length and looking peculiarly bony. Not carried high.

Legs : Long and straight.

Feet : Compact and somewhat hare-footed, the breed is never a fast runner, but is tireless and steady over long distances.

Chest : Deep in response the profile is clear-cut with the head at an angle as through seeking game far away and the tail is down.

Chippiparai Dog

General Appearance :
Available in the south Madurai and in Tirunelveli districts. Height:25” and above

Colour : Grey and white or grey mottled white, Darker shades are also available.

Coat : Very short and close. A shinning shell like appearance is greatly to be desired.

Head : Domed, fine and long.

Ears : Smaller than that of a poliger often (Semi-erect or rose)

Eyes : Dark

Jaws : Rather slim and weak looking

Tail : Bony often carried gay

Legs : Long and straight

Chest : Deep slightly roach-backed with treckled up belly. He is typical grey hound capable of great speed; He can easily overtake a hare.

kanni Dog

General Appearance :
The Kanni is found in and around Tirunelveli, Pollachi, Kovilpatti, Kazhugumalai, Kileral, Kodangipatti, Sivakasi, and Madurai. It is used mainly for hunting. The Kanni was often given away as part of a bride's dowry. The breed is now extremely rare, and on the verge of extinction. Efforts to revive the breed have not been taken up as specimens are few and there exists little information about them.

Appearance : In general appearance, the Kanni is similar to a smooth-coated Saluki or a Doberman Pinscher with natural ears and tail. The dog is usually black and tan in colour, perhaps with limited white on the feet and chest. There also exists a cream-coloured variety of the breed, which is known as Paalakanni. The Kanni is agile, slim, graceful, and moderately built, with a deep chest and slim body. The dog stands about 25 inches at the withers, the bitch about 22 inches.